Planting the seed of growth.

Try venturing into new fields. Experiment with things you have never done before. This month I’ve tried brushing my teeth with my left hand (I am right handed), and boy the first days are not fun.

Last month I planted a couple of red chilies from seed. I wanted to create a gift to give to the guys in my company as I was leaving them at the end of this month.

Nurturing this plant for 2 months I’ve started wondering… Learning and growing is very similar to that. You plant a seed. We can call that seed an idea. By itself, just planting the seed does very little.

The seed needs to be nurtured. Feed it with water and don’t let the soil dry out completely. Feed with sun to do photosynthesis, just enough sun, not too much, otherwise it may burn out.

Just like that, with a bit of nurturing, you can see an idea grow and become something much bigger than the seed. Try it out and you will be amazed by the results.

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