Why we need to do meeting minutes

Most of us hate meetings, and that’s understandable. Sometimes they are needed, other times we cannot avoid them at all.

So how can we make the best of it?

Take meeting minutes and make them visible to everyone. This will foster accountability. Everyone in the organization will be able to check how you conduct your meetings. How long was your meeting, what was discussed, what came out of it, who were the participants.

Here is a quick cheat sheet that you can use to fill in your meeting minutes.

When : Add the date of the meeting
Attendees : List of attendees, you can also add apologizes if someone couldn’t make it
Goal : The main purpose of the meeting

Topics Discussed : What was discussed during the meeting
Actions : Actions list with due date and assignee

This simple format should help you conduct better meetings. If not, at least when you look back at them you can still retrieve some value.



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