What makes a meeting useful

There are several points for this topic, some that I don´t even know, some you may completely disagree with me. That is ok, the only way we can learn together is by having a discussion on the subject, and in the end, that’s what help us grow and learn together.

These are the 5 criteria I feel are the most important:

  • Only have the necessary people in the room.
  • Have a clear goal and agenda that will be shared before the meeting.
  • End with actionable actions, with due dates and clear assignee.
  • Time boxed to less than or in the max one hour.
  • Allow for creative discussion.

A productive meeting doesn’t lose focus of the goal and keeps the discussion fluid, but that is only possible if the goal is set in advance.

Always remember, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” – Stephen Covey.



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