Reflection of the Week 2019-W36

Transparency and continuous improvement is a must. It is important to look back. Reflect. And adapt our approach to what we do.

This point came when I started to think about this blog. For someone that talks a lot about inspecting and adapting, I wasn’t inspecting what I was doing.
Trying new things without looking back is just a guessing game. We need to reflect and understand what works and what doesn’t.

So I decided to start a quick reflection on the previous week.
In this segment, I will talk about the challenges and ideas that I had during the week.
Share some cool things that I found during the week that helped me along the way.

👍 This was the first week that I tried to make all my posts have a consistent theme.
The theme for this week, as you may have noticed, was Meetings. How they affect us and how we can improve them. Around the middle of the week I realized that there is still a lot more to talk about, but I will leave it for a future installment.
I think I will try this theme a couple more times and see how it goes.

👍 This week besides the reflections I also started the weekly summary.
I think that it will be a good addition. You can just go quickly and look back at the week without having to search for each post.

One really cool podcast I’ve listened to this week was in the Tim Ferris podcast.
I consider it a must if you want to get more stuff done.
David Allen — The Art of Getting Things Done (GTD) (#384)

I will keep on trying to improve this journey and try to make it as valuable as possible for you also. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



Summary of the previous week

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