Why do we even use KPIs?

Do we just track KPIs in an attempt to be like Big Brother from the 1984 book of George Orwell?

No. KPIs are extremely important, if you choose the right ones.

If we don’t measure what we do, it is like driving with our eyes closed. There is a small chance you are going to arrive at your destination safe and sound, but most likely you are not.

Transparency is extremely important. Whatever you measure, your team must be aware. No hidden performance KPIs. No hidden tracking for bonus purposes or career progression. Everything must be out in the open and explained exactly WHY we are measuring it.

On one of my teams we are now working on simplifying our workflow and we will put some KPIs along the way to measure our progress, find points of improvement and points of pain. This is an exercise that must be done with everyone and everyone should be able to contribute.



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