How to produce useful team reports

As someone who started their career in Business Intelligence, reporting is life.
Dashboards and visualizations are key to understanding how your team is doing.

So if we should use story points? What KPIs should we track?
As we discussed on Monday, there are 3 KPIs that will give you the overview you need and this is how we should visualize them.

Scatter Plot

circles are features, triangles are bugs

By using a scatter plot with the cycle or lead times, we can see:

  • How long a feature will take on average to be delivered, and what is the confidence interval you can use.
  • Team performance/ticket complexity over time.
  • Clusters of tickets, by ticket type or priority.
  • How long does it take for your bugs to be repaired?

Bugs Over Time

Nothing is simpler than a single number, but it also can provide a lot of information.

The arrow represents a bug that moved to the next iteration and how many.
  • How many bugs are you getting?
  • Are they bleeding over to the next iteration?
  • Do you have more or less bugs than less iteration?

Add this information to the scatter plot and you have a really good overview of the stability of your system. Also how easy bugs are to fix in your system

Simple reports provide a lot of information without being overwhelming.You can quickly inspect and adapt your approach to provide the best value you can to your stakeholders.



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