Is agile for you

Most people will answer quickly YES, without even thinking about it. But we are not most people. That is not what brought you here.

This is a very fair question. In my experience, it comes from a place of lack of knowledge about what is agile. So let us start there, what is agile. The one small “a” not the fad with a big “A”.

Agile was born from a manifesto created in 2001 – The manifesto for agile software development – this already helps with answering the question.

Are you developing a software project?
If not, this was not created out of the box for you. It doesn’t mean you cannot or should use it. It means that it will require effort and adaptation to make it useful for your case.

If you are doing a software project, please check these questions :

  • Do you value your employees more than the release plan/project plan?
  • Is your team’s performance measured by the value they produce instead of other metrics?
  • Are you ready to delete your backlog and start again? Introducing new items that will provide you with a competitive advantage?
  • Do you know who your main stakeholder is and have close contact with him/her?

If you answer YES on all 4, agile is already part of you.

If you have doubts about some of them, we need to work on your priorities, but there is still hope.

If you answer NO to all 4, maybe you are not ready yet to take the leap.
I would say that it is not for you, for now. You need to rethink your priorities before thinking about going “agile”.



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