How to manage a project without Waterfall

There is one thing that waterfall gives us that no other methodology or way of working can give. A false sense of security.
It’s impossible to look at a waterfall chart with all those milestones, perfectly aligned time-boxes with a start and end date, and, to top it all, resource allocation with mythical man/days (now we call FTE’s to change it up a bit).

It can’t fail, it is written. It has been agreed apon. It has been signed. It is 100% bullet proof. On time. On budget. On scope.

But it does.

We need to come together with some realizations first.

  • The future is impossible to predict.
  • We don’t know what we don’t know.
  • Just because it is written and signed/approved doesn’t make it possible or true.
  • The work needs to be broken into small pieces of functionality that can be delivered and tested by itself.

Now you are ready to use Evidence-Based Management.
Manage for value instead of Scope/Budget/Time and use empirical KPIs to produce valuable reports.

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