What is Evidence-Base Management

In two words. Common sense.
But we all know that common sense is not that common. We have all seen common sense go out the window for the fallacies of “safety” and “assurance”.

How to continuously improve business results by measuring business value and using empirical management


You can find out more about it in the scrum.org document. I want to give a quick introduction.
It is a data-driven approach. By measuring what really matters we can adapt our approach and get the best value out as possible.

EBM works in 4 key areas :

  • Unrealized value (UV): Potential future value that the organization could realize
  • Ability to innovate (A2I): Ability to develop new capabilities
  • Time to market (T2M): How quickly can you deliver
  • Current value (CV): The value of what you delivered

It is a really good approach to managing teams and projects. To track value and adapt to markets.

I really encourage you to read more about it on the scrum.org website. If you are like me and are curious about the KPIs, just travel to the appendix section in the end.



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