Sunday Reflections

Another week is over, another one is starting.

This will be the last installment – at least for now – of Sunday reflections. Sunday is a day of rest for most of us and in some places the start of a new week.
I’ve decided to move them to Saturday, make a Saturday reflection, and change the summary of the week to Sunday.

👎 Facebook Blocked this blog. The Facebook blockage of this blog continues, if you would like to give a hand, go to this link and report they are wrong.

👍 Saturday Reflection. From next week the Saturday reflection will receive a bit more content. In celebration of the 7th day of the week I will reflect on 7 things that I’ve found during the week that are either really cool or that helped me a lot.

👍 First steps on Instagram. Started posting stories on Instagram about the articles I am writing, the rant of the day, or just a book that I am reading. The objective is to force me to not run away from posting every day or doing some of the goals I’ve set for myself. Transparency for accountability.

Hi there, how is everything?

Wanted to let you know that we have been blocked on Facebook for no apparent reason. Welcome to a new era of censorship.
If you want to keep informed about the articles I write, join the revolution.
At least here, Facebook cannot censor.

I’ve been pondering around with this quote.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

Jan van de Snepscheut



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