The Daily Scrum

Known by many as the daily stand-up.
The time of the day where everyone gets together and answers 3 questions.

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What am I going to do today?
  • Do I have any impediments?

The interesting thing is, this is not what is in the Scrum Guide.
The Scrum Guide gives 3 examples of conversation starters for the daily scrum. They are around the sprint goal, not your specific work. The important thing is the team’s progress, not your personal one.

The biggest mistake teams make regarding the daily, is that they focus solely on answering these 3 questions.
This is not its main goal.
The daily scrum goal is to inspect and adapt your plan, so that together, as a team, you can achieve the goal.

So instead of going around asking everyone what they did and what they expected to do, try this.

Travel the tickets on your board from closest to DONE, to what is IN PROGRESS.
For every ticket, check what is needed to move it closer to done.

After all the tickets, look at your sprint goal.
Does it still look achievable?
Do you need to change something to make sure you can achieve it?

Inspect and adapt your approach if need be, and continue delivering good value.



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