The Sprint

The sprint is a time-box window of time.
No longer than a month or shorter than a week, where a potentially releasable increment is DONE.
A sprint starts as soon as the previous one ends.

The heart of the sprint is the sprint goal. A North start that the team uses to guide them into delivering something valuable.
The sprint goal is immutable during the sprint. Why?
Because it’s the vision of the product owner that the team commits too. Not the sprint backlog.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Stephen Covey

The sprint backlog, on the other end, is always up for debate. It can be clarified and negotiated, as long as we stay true to our north star.

The sprint also includes all the other scrum events.
It starts with planning, has daily scrums, all the development work, a sprint review and finishes with a retrospective.

The easiest Scrum event to understand, but the hardest one to master.



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