Definition of Done

What does it mean to be Done? What about Done Done?
Some even go as far as having Done Done Done…

Independent of how many “Done”‘s are in your definition, one thing is certain, this definition needs to be transparent. Everyone should know what Done means, not subjectively but objectively.

When a team is developing a feature for a product or even a product itself, they need to know when to consider their work “DONE”. This, of course, can change from team to team, department to department, company to company.

The Scrum guide helps in figuring out some of the necessary components of a definition of done. The increment at the end of the sprint must be tested and usable. This increment must also be releasable.
These are the basics, then each team can add on top of it.

  • 2 Pull request reviewers …
  • Green Build
  • Code coverage of ##%

Definitions of done can also be defined at an organizational level, and if so, each scrum team must also follow it as their baseline.

We see the definition of done as a work in progress. It’s never truly done. Ironic, right?
Not really. As the team matures, also their needs. DoD’s can start as a simple checklist of 2 or 3 items, and then grow to bigger lists and automated checks.

Our work is never done. Unless it matches the definition of done.



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