Saturday Reflections

Good afternoon boys and girls, ladies and gents. Hope you had a wonderful week.
Here is a beautiful image just to start this post.

👍 The new project I mentioned last week is taking form, there is a high change next week I will publish it 😀

👍 Medium is picking up. By starting to put proper tags on the articles they started getting more views. Most of the views still come outside of Medium but it’s another way to share the message.

👍 Another theme week. This week the focus was on backlogs. I am more and more inclined to stick to a full theme for the week. It’s easy to break down and share with all of you without writing a super big post. This way you can choose what to read, if the title is what you are looking for in that theme or not.

What do you think?

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In this week 3-point Saturday I shared about an extension/add-on that I’ve found, an awesome interview that came out this week and a fundraiser.

Have an awesome weekend.

And as always, keep learning, keep growing and have an awesome day.



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