This is what I’ve learned this week

Hello everyone, one more week gone and another about to start.
So far a good start of the weekend. I am writing this post with a sunny day, something that is not very common in the Netherlands at this time of the year.

👍👍 Finally the project I have been talking about is starting to pull together. I can share now that this will be a podcast where I aim to interview leader, thinkers and workers of the technology world. The main goal is to pick their brain and find out what advises that can have to share with this community. First episode is already recorded and should be coming out soon 😃

👍 This week I also found out how to write better headlines, as you can see by today’s headline compared with other Saturday’s 😄. After some reading I realized how important a good headline is. The headline is what will make you, the reader, captivated into opening the page and reading more about it. Without a proper headline I will fail on my mission to reach you and share my thoughts.

🛑 For now it is stopped. Instagram is a nice addition but my focus is on producing a good blog and sharing a good message with all of you. If you have any thoughts about it, I would love to hear more. You know how to find me, if not, drop me a message on

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In this week 3-point Saturday I shared about an extension/add-on that I’ve found, an awesome interview that came out this week and a fundraiser.

Have an awesome weekend.

And as always, keep learning, keep growing and have an awesome day.



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