Another week has passed, time to look back.

Hello everyone, how are you this Saturday afternoon?

This week was a bit chaotic. Last week I decided to experiment with planning all the posts for the week, and it went well. This week I decided to do the complete opposite and see how chaotic it could become. Well, let me just say, if you end up getting sick, you start loving the idea of having a plan laid out

But that is not why this post comes out, this is the reflection post where we look back at the previous week and decide what works and what doesn’t.

From now on I will change the format a bit. I will make it START and STOP and would love to get your feedback also via social media.

So here it goes:


  • Create exclusive slide decks to share with all of you. Posts are fun to write, but doing some PPT’s/PDF’s are even more fun.
  • More Twitter and Instagram. Again, another try on these with a new strategy.


  • 3-Point-Saturday. I love writing this quick mail that I sent to some of you but for now, I will give it a stop.
  • Coming up with post ideas on the stop, I will do like last week and plan for the week during the weekend. A lot of time is saved this way ( read my post on 7 lean wastes).

I hope to see you here for more exciting posts and don’t feel shy about dropping your feedback to



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