How do you know the meeting was good?

The usual comment is

meetings are a complete waste of time

Although this is true for most meetings, some can end up being good. So how can you tell them apart?

The first thing you can do is to check if any of my 5 rules for productive meetings are followed. This in itself will not guarantee that your meeting will deliver value. It is at least a good precursor in telling you that at least the organizer put some effort into it.

A good meeting achieves the goal that was set up in the beginning or at least tries to achieve that. Sometimes it could be that the goal was too complex and there was not enough time, it is ok. Be adaptive and try to accomplish as much as possible.

Independent of all this, one thing must happen. There must be clear actions and owners at the end of the meeting. If that doesn’t happen, it was just a waste of time. This for me is what makes a meeting good.

Do you have other tips to detect good from bad meetings?



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