How to keep a good record of your meetings

As humans, it is extremely hard for us to remember everything that goes on in a meeting. It is just humanly impossible if this is even a sentence.

Before I talked about the importance of meeting notes. This is a good artifact to use to keep track of what was discussed and the result of the discussions. It is a start. There are other ways we can make sure that we keep a good record. Both for transparency and having the ability to look back.


Post It Notes, Sticky Notes, Note, Notice Board

The meetings that I facilitate are usually brainstorming sessions. These are done on whiteboards or sometimes post-it.

Most of the time, my role as a facilitator, is to transcribe the result of those post-its to the meeting notes page, but that is not enough. If we want to be transparent, it is also important to take a picture of the board/post-it and add it to the meeting notes. It can be in a different attachment are, or an expandable div. The important thing is, in case someone makes a mistake transcribing, the information is not lost.


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This is a bit more controversial, especially with regards to privacy laws and so on. But it is extremely useful.

If the discussion does not happen on whiteboards or post-its, that information will be lost forever. Even if someone is taking notes, they will not take notes of the whole conversation. If we want to prevent Re-Learning from happening, it is extremely important to “save” the record of that learning.

This doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple mobile recorder or a computer with your chat app of choice should suffice.

What ideas do you have to make sure information is not lost?



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