Why you need to start rejecting meetings

Who has a team that never complained about having too many meetings? At any moment in time. If you are that person or know that person, please, please contact me. I have never met a leader that never faced this problem.

Teams should feel empowered to reject meetings if they feel it is just a waste of their time.

With great power comes great responsibility

Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben is right. We are all adults and luckily we don’t work in a dictatorship regime. But we need to be responsible and explain why we are rejecting a meeting, in my opinion, this is just called being professional. So why and when should we reject meetings?

The only way to reach excellence is if everyone demands excellence from each other.

On Monday I shared the 5 rules that I consider a MUST for having productive meetings. If a meeting does not follow those rules, for example, having a goal and agenda, I simply reject it with a note to the organizer.

I am not sure if my presence is required for this meeting. Can you please share with me the goal and agenda?
Thank you so much.

More often than none, meetings are sent to mailing lists or distribution lists that contain a lot of unnecessary participants. It is part of life, we just need to deal with it. Remember, this is work, it’s not personal. Just be professional.

Do you reject many meetings? If so, what are your techniques?



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