One more week is gone

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Leaders and aspiring leaders that want to change the world. How is your week so far? Mine has been great. This week I have focused my writing on meetings. We cannot avoid them, but we can for sure make them more useful.


Last week I showed you a new example of a retrospective that I’ve tried with an external team. This week, I’ve tried that one with my own teams. The engagement was mixed. The fact we have 5 different categories gets everyone a bit confused. Next week I will try a new one of just using START, STOP and CONTINUE.


On Wednesday together with another one of my friends and colleagues, we went to a Masterclass about behavior design, conducted by HEJ. It was great to see how some techniques of behavioral science can be applied to help groups think better, work better and get together.

It was filled with practical exercises and games. In the background, we also learned about design thinking and how it works. Super fun 2 hours.


Why have only one workshop when you can have 2?

On Friday I got the opportunity to go to a meetup organized by WeQ. Their motto is awesome “Nothing beats a kick ass team”.

The goal of the meeting was to bring together professionals from different areas and talk about psychological safety. But just talking without a structure would be a recipe for disaster. The organizer very smartly conducted 4 exercise type workshops with the group, some to break the ice, others to entice the conversation. It was extremely fun and useful.

If you ever get the opportunity to participate in one of the WE BREAKFASTS, I surely recommend it.

This was my week. A lot of new learning and trying new stuff.

And you, how was yours? Let me know in the interwebs and social networks.



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