How to do meetings like a PRO week

Welcome to the end of 2019 week 49. We spend so much of our time in meetings. What if we can make them more effective and more efficient? This is what this week as been all about

πŸ“… Monday: 5 rules that will increase your meeting productivity

No matter what framework/way of working/methodology you use, one thing is for sure, meetings are a part of life and we have to deal with the team. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, are they impacting our productivity?
The main way meetings impact our productivity is by creating context switching, we’ve talked about this before in the post AN INEXPENSIVE WAY TO GAIN MORE TIME“.


πŸ“… Tuesday: How do you know the meeting was good?

The usual comment is “meetings are a complete waste of time

Although this is true for most meetings, some can end up being good. So how can you tell them apart?


πŸ“… Wednesday: Use these 2 metrics to see how valuable your meetings are

So far we have been talking about how to set up yourself to have a good and productive meeting. From my 5 rules for productive meeting. To how to understand if the meeting was fruitful. But how can we be sure of it? We should be able to measure it in a way that will be easy to share with everyone. Everyone in the company, or maybe in the industry, should have a common understanding of what these metrics are and what they mean.


πŸ“… Thursday: How to keep a good record of your meetings

As humans, it is extremely hard for us to remember everything that goes on in a meeting. It is just humanly impossible if this is even a sentence.

Before I talked about the importance of meeting notes. This is a good artifact to use to keep track of what was discussed and the result of the discussions


πŸ“… Friday: Why you need to start rejecting meetings

Who has a team that never complained about having too many meetings? At any moment in time. If you are that person or know that person, please, please contact me. I have never met a leader that never faced this problem.


πŸ’‘ Saturday: One more week is gone

A retrospective of the week that passed and what I’ve learned from it.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Leaders and aspiring leaders that want to change the world. How is your week so far? Mine has been great. This week I have focused my writing on meetings. We cannot avoid them, but we can for sure make them more useful.




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