Daily Scrum myth #4 – We have to wait for the Scrum Master

Have you ever heard one of these?

  • “The Scrum Master is not in today, we don’t need to do the Daily Scrum.”
  • “The owner of the meeting is the Scrum Master, he/she needs to prepare it.”

This is a very common misconception among Scrum teams. The Scrum Master is not required for the daily. To be 100% correct, not even the Product Owner. The Daily Scrum is :

An event for the development team, by the development team.

The goal is to plan for the next 24 hours until the next Daily. Only one role owns the Sprint Backlog, and that role is the Development team. No one else has a vote on how to plan or do their work. Saying this, of course, anyone can contribute (after the daily) with any knowledge they have that may help the Development team move forward more effectively.

Just because I own my car, doesn’t mean I will not listen to a mechanic. Whatever happens, the final word is mine.

What other misconceptions have you heard about the Scrum Master and the Daily Scrum?



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