Daily Scrum myth #5 – This is the only time we talk

The focus for the Daily Scrum is the sprint goal. We start by discussing how that is going. Are there any issues that impede us from moving forward? The idea is to do a high level health check on the work that needs to be done to achieve the sprint goal.

Detailed discussions about items and how they are should not be a part of this event. And this is where this myth enters. Most of the time the argument from the teams is that “this is the only time we have to touch up”. Does this make sense in reality? It’s like some magical powers will prevent everyone from talking as soon as the time-box of the Daily ends, so we must discuss as much as possible now.

Before a football team enters the stadium and starts playing, the coach gathers everyone in the locker room. Here they come up with a high-level plan on how to tackle the 1st part of their game. The moment the team enters the field and they start playing, they don’t stop talking. On the other hand, they now know the purpose for this 1st half and they together keep adapting to whatever comes their way. This is what makes a high performing team.

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If you have some myths of your own that you would like to share, ping me over the interwebs and the socialz.



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