Daily Scrum myth #6 – Everyone has to say something, always

This myth falls right back with the myth #2, the 3 questions. If the purpose of your daily event is to answer 3 questions and give a status report to your manager, well, then you are out of luck. This is probably not a myth for you, it is an obligation. The good news is, you are not doing a Daily Scrum.

If instead, your organisation evolved from old ways of project management and adopted a better way of working. For example, let us say, Scrum. Then the purpose of the event like we’ve discussed before is very different. In this sense, if the focus is the Sprint goal, not everyone needs to talk if you don’t have any valuable contribution to share in regards to the Sprint goal.

Don’t interpret the last paragraph wrong, please. Not everyone needs to talk is very different from prohibiting someone from talking. Everyone is welcome to contribute, but don’t feel forced to if you don’t have anything to add.

Now again, because I know this is the internet and people go crazy over statements. This is not a get out of jail free card to never share anything. Not speaking on one day of the daily is very different from not speaking every day.



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