7 Daily Scrum myths that you need to be aware of

Welcome to the end of 2019 week 50. Almost reaching the end of the year. Here is a summary of this week’s posts, all focused on some of the Daily Scrum myths

πŸ“… Monday: Myth #1 – The Standup

If your company is doing any kind of agile transformation, the first thing everyone implements is a daily stand-up. It doesn’t matter if you use Scrum or Kanban, or any other framework, one thing is for sure, daily you need to get off your seat and report on what you do.


πŸ“… Tuesday: Myth #2 – 3 questions

If your team has a daily meeting, you for sure have already heard about the 3 questions that you HAVE to always answer. Right?

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What am I going to do today?
  • Am I blocked with anything?


πŸ“… Wednesday: Myth #3 – It needs to be 15m

We need to talk for 15m minutes. No more no less.

I remember this misconception when I was a young scrum master. Never liked it. I was never to associate time with value. You can see my previous posts views on hours worked vs worked hours. So why would the daily be any different?


πŸ“… Thursday: Myth #4 – We have to wait for the Scrum Master

Have you ever heard one of these?

  • “The Scrum Master is not in today, we don’t need to do the Daily Scrum.”
  • “The owner of the meeting is the Scrum Master, he/she needs to prepare it.”

This is a very common misconception among Scrum teams. The Scrum Master is not required for the daily. To be 100% correct, not even the Product Owner.


πŸ“… Friday: Myth #5 – This is the only time we talk

The focus for the Daily Scrum is the sprint goal. We start by discussing how that is going. Are there any issues that impede us from moving forward? The idea is to do a high level health check on the work that needs to be done to achieve the sprint goal.


πŸ“… Saturday: Myth #6 – Everyone has to say something, always

This myth falls right back with the myth #2, the 3 questions. If the purpose of your daily event is to answer 3 questions and give a status report to your manager, well, then you are out of luck. This is probably not a myth for you, it is an obligation. The good news is, you are not doing a Daily Scrum.


And to finalize …

Myth #7 – It needs to be always at the same time, no exception

This one is super interesting because there is a very clear reason why we do it always at the same time, always in the same place. The reason is to reduce complexity. But let me throw in a curve ball. What if during the Daily your team is super focused on solving a mission critical bug, should you stop everything and do the Daily? Of course not.

If it happens rarely, it is not the rule. Beware of being inflexible.

Hope you have an amazing new week.



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