Sprint Planning myth #5 – Assign every task to someone

I remember when I started coaching my first team. It was a small team of 5 people doing Business Intelligence.

The team was in the middle of a tool migration, and to my surprise, there were a lot of small detailed tasks about what needed to happen. Almost like someone had passed by a requirement phase, them a functional design phase, a tech design, and only after that start working. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe this post can help you.

The items were being assigned during Sprint Planning to each one of the team members. This is an interesting concept from the old days of project management. Instead of estimating what a team can handle, we do it based on each person. Also known as Man/hours. But, is this a problem?

Well, yes. A very big one. First of all, there is no individual in a team. The team either wins together or fails together. The other problem is that we don’t have any ownership as a team.

My PBI is done, when will you finish your stuff?

There is no assignment of PBIs during Sprint Planning because there is only one assignee as far as everyone is concerned. The team is the only assignee, and they will figure out how to do it.



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