Scrum myth #1 – The Scrum Board

The Scrum myths the I will be talking about during this week are like the Mandela effect. We all think they are set as a normal part of Scrum but in reality, they are adaptations from other frameworks.

The first one is the Scrum Board. Also known as the Sprint Board.

Scrum is a framework set upon a set of roles, artifacts, and events, and none of them are a board.

The Scrum/Sprint Board is an adaptation from Kanban, which literally means, billboard. It is an extremely useful part of every Sprint and to be honest, I have never seen a team without one.

Any “agile” piece of software has already incorporated in it a Sprint Board. Sometimes, some software like Jira even differentiates between creating a Scrum Board or a Kanban Board (the only difference being the existence of a Sprint).

Have you been a victim of this Mandela Effect? Let me know over the interwebs what you think.



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