Social Saturday #1

Social Saturday is a series where I try and answer some of the questions that I’ve found over the internet.

Today’s questions comes from the agile group on Facebook “Agile coaches and trainers”

“Have you considered agile coaching as an evolution of systemic coaching? If yes, can you share your thoughts?”

I love the question because until today I had no idea what systemic coaching was. It made me learn something new, and for that I am grateful already.

After searching for it a bit on the internet, I came to the conclusion that whatever it is, it looks to be extremely complex. And that’s not at all what agile coaching is all about.

In my view, an agile coach is simple to describe, but takes a lot of work to do.

An agile coach should be someone that :

  • boosts ownership, autonomy and accountability in the development teams.
  • helps the development team and organization to develop the competences needed to better do their job.
  • removes any barrier that impedes normal operations.
  • promotes awareness, transparency and openness.
  • continuously improve, and help everyone to do the same.

This for me is, in a nutshell, what agile coaching is all about.



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