Agile Coaching 101 – Introduction to the series

Welcome to my first series of posts for 2020. In this one, I will be breaking down what I think are the main responsibilities of an Agile Coach. Excited? I am.

When we go online there are several discussions between what is an Agile Coach and what is a Scrum Master. Where the roles intersect. Where the roles have nothing to do with each other. Sometimes it even feels like a war field. This series will not be like that. And to be completely honest, I don’t care about that, and in my opinion, you shouldn’t either. 

So why would I even bother about trying to define the role?
Let me start with a small story.

A long time ago when I was still a developer, there were always a lot of discussions about seniors and juniors. The company would spend hundreds of euros on huge standardized development plans. Plans which in the end need to meet the bell curve of “meritocracy.” These would then be used to understand if you could be promoted or not. I never cared much about that. Also till this day, I see zero value on those. But that is a story for another day.

During those days I used to say to my direct manager:

“I don’t care about the role name. Heck, you can even call me junior janitor for all I care. As long as I can do my job and you pay me what I am owed, I am ok”

When I think about it, even today, it still sounds awesome. But as I grew older I understood that the definition of a  “role” didn’t exist for me. Instead, it existed to communicate with the outside world.

This is my tentative to do the same for the Agile Coach role. I think together in this series of posts we will be able to define what it is or what it should be.

Are you up for this journey with me?

I hope so and I would love it if you would be open to contributing to it as well. Just ping me on whatever medium you like the best.



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