Social Saturday #2

Hello everyone, happy weekend. Today’s post comes from the Agile Facebook group Agile Coaches & Trainers :

Before I give my honest feedback, I find this a very important subject. Our role as agile coaches is to coach. Believe in others and help them step up to the challenge.

“Which organization and or individual believes in you enough to offer you your first Agile coaching/consulting opportunity?”

I moved to the Netherlands in 2017 to start my first ever agile coaching opportunity as a Scrum Master. I had previous training but it was not something that was happening in Portugal. So to answer. The organization was BESTSELLER Ecommerce.

“How have you utilized your position to serve and give other deserving individual(s) an opportunity?”

During my tenure as Scrum Master in BESTSELLER I helped coach 2 team members in becoming Scrum Masters themselves. It is extremely important to give back and coach others.



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