How do you measure in the agile scale?

These are some of the questions I see being asked.

How agile are you?

How agile is your team?

How agile is your organization?

Is there anything like 20% agile? What about 60% agile? More important even, is there anyone who can reach 100% agile?

I believe no such measure exists and it is a waste of time to try to and measure it.

Every individual, team and every organization is at a different stage in their agile journey. I say their agile journey because it is really theirs, no one else.

There are checkpoints along the way. Most of these checkpoints are common to everyone’s journey, but the interesting thing is that they can be reached anytime in any order. Being on one of them doesn’t mean that you are in front of or behind others, it just means that you reached that stage.

So the answer to the title is “It doesn’t matter, agility is not cumulative”.

Agility should be a journey of continuous improvement. We do, we measure, we inspect and we adapt.



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