Social Saturday #4

Social Saturday is a series where I try and answer some of the questions that I’ve found over the internet.

Our question comes yet again from my favorite group on Facebook Agile Coaches & Trainers.

This is a problem that happens with a lot of teams. Not just that, it is one that can only be solved by empowerment. What do I mean by that?

The Product Owner needs to be empowered to OWN the backlog. If the BAU work is coming from a line manager on your software assembly line, he/she must have the power to push back.

The Engineering Team needs to be empowered to say NO. If the work is directly impacting their sprint, they are responsible for delivering that sprint. They should be able to say NO to anything that impacts that work.

But I know. This doesn’t happen. And more often than not the team gets into the helpless mode, throwing out excuses like “what can we do, it is our manager” (you can say no …)

As a Scrum Master, it is your role to bring transparency to all of this. Educate the team on why this work needs to be made transparent, and then show the whole organization why the team is not delivering. It is our role to remove barriers that affect day to day work. This looks like one.

If you want to chat more about some useful metrics and visualizations that can help with this, ping me out.



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