Social Saturday #5

Social Saturday is a series where I try and answer some of the questions that I’ve found over the internet.

Our question comes yet again from my favorite group on Facebook Agile Coaches & Trainers.

This is a super interesting question. How would we solve this? My advice is to ask the other way around.

Why do they feel they don’t need to do a Daily Scrum every day? What would they expect to gain by not doing it? And then put it to the test.

Try it out for a couple of sprints, measure it, inspect the data and draw conclusions at the end.
Maybe the team doesn’t need a Daily every day, who knows?

The important piece here is experimentation and giving the team the power to choose how they work. At the same time, our job is to guide them into making the decision that works best. We should never assume we have all the answers.

The moment you think you know everything is when you commit a mistake.
Remember 2 of the pillars of Scrum are Inspection and Adaptation.

Hope this helps.



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