Have you aligned your expectations with your peers?

One of my colleagues did an exercise with her team that blew my mind. It is so simple and yet we take it for granted.

Bring everyone into a brainstorming session, go over each of the roles we have in the team, and write what we expect from each one. Gather all that knowledge, in post-its or online and prepare for the 2nd part.

This is when we are going to align our expectations. The aim is not consensus, but consent. We don’t all need to agree, but we should be OK living with it. To do so, we divide each role into 3 columns.




All the information goes into the “DOES” column for a start. Item by Item, we all vote if we agree or disagree on it. If we agree, it remains in the column. If we completely disagree, it goes to “DOESN’T”. If we have mixed feelings about it, we put it on the “TBD”.

Remember, when I say agree/disagree I mean a majority (for example 70%).

After doing one round on all roles in the “DOES” column, we move to the “DOESN’T”, do one round there and finally the “TBD”. The idea is that by defining each of the roles along the way, items in “DOESN’T” and “TBD” will be quick to identify when we go for the next round.

Have you ever conducted an exercise like this? What is your experience?



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