Social Saturday #7

Social Saturday is a series where I try and answer some of the questions that I’ve found over the internet.

Our question comes yet again from my favorite group on Facebook Agile Coaches & Trainers.

The purpose of doing sprints is that you have a demo-able, ship-able product at the end of everyone. That product can be shown to the stakeholders and they will provide the feedback.

Now, how do you estimate? There are several ways to do it.

You can go waterfall and estimate everything at the beginning and as new requirements come you add and estimate them.

You can estimate only on an epic level and use that for your cone of uncertainty.

If the team has been together for a long time, you can probably just split the work with them (initial work) and without estimation get your cone of uncertainty. Check out this post.

The thing to remember is, no matter how you do it, you will be wrong more times than right. That is the nature of a ever changing industry and world.



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