Someone should fix this

A very common sentence that we hear all the time.

This <insert problem here> shouldn’t happen, someone should fix this.

What is preventing you from fixing it? Knowledge? Power? Money?

You don’t have the knowledge, get the knowledge, learn what you need to know. Worst case, find someone with that knowledge, we have 8 billion people on this planet and you for sure have access to the internet.

You don’t have the power, win the power. Form relationships that will help you in the future. Lobby for someone to help you, there is something that you can provide in exchange.

You don’t have the money, raise it. Either by yourself or ask other people for help. If it is truly a problem you are trying to fix, there is for sure someone else suffering from the same problem.

Those are just excuses. If something is wrong and you know it, do something about it. Step up and fix it, don’t wait for someone else.

Either step up or shut up

Complaining is easy, but it doesn’t move things forward.



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