Why is “never give up” bad advice?

Where to start? I guess my problem is with the word “never”.

Absolute statements are generally bad advice. Over the years I have never seen a “solution fits all” that works for more than 50% of the cases. It is a coin toss, and the reason behind it is because life is unpredictable.

If Zuckerberg had never given up, there would be no Facebook.
If Bezos didn't give up on the family business, there would be no Amazon.

But most importantly, if you have an agile mindset you know this to be true:

Focus on Responding to Change over Following a Plan.

Giving up is not bad or good, it’s life. It is necessary to adapt to the new paradigm.

Not all ideas are good ideas, but they are the start of a good idea.

Trying new things. Inspect what you do and adapt to what is needed. Sometimes, if at first, you don’t succeed, maybe, it’s not the right route to take.



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