Set up a brainstorm session to slice your Epic

So you’ve got yourself an Epic, kudos. Now, the interesting part starts.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that an Epic is a piece of work so big that we need to slice it. We have arrived at the 2nd stage of an Epic lifecycle. The brainstorming session.

At this moment you only have the WHAT and WHY of the Epic. It’s time to start slicing it into smaller WHAT’s and WHY. Yes, WHY is important and also needs to be present in the smaller slices.

Each of the new slices needs to bring value by itself. If you need inspiration, check out this post about the difference between an Epic and a Story.

In this phase, we are on stage we call diverging (check the pick below). We don’t need to pin down ideas yet, we want to brainstorm. No allusion to MVPs or “must-haves” at this point.

If anything relates to the WHAT and WHY of the Epic, add it to this backlog. There are no crazy ideas. We worry about MVPs in the next phase when we will filter out some of these ideas.



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